Womens Make Up

Women want to look their best at all times. Dyes the skin, body and face and highlights the faders are the most popular sought after makeup. When applying makeup, the first step is to cleanse the face. Peeling cream is used to wash the oil more than the remains of the night. Followed by a moisturizing and toning.


Makeup application begins after the skin moist and toned. And apply the organization to match the skin tone which is usually a lighter shade of the facial skin. And the hidden cover skin imperfections and add a little color on the cheeks pale Other wise. Use a loose translucent powder with a brush sets makeup.


For mature women, this is more effective than compressed powder, which highlights the lines and wrinkles. The powder is frozen under the chin reduces the decline in the neckline. The use of shade slightly darker than natural skin tones.


Almond cream blush in the tone of gold and copper mixture gently from the cheeks to the temples to make a soft transparent. The eyes are the most part an expression of his face and highlight them with makeup is one of the simplest ways to look beautiful. Kohl pencil for this purpose, commonly used eye liner and eye shadow.


Eye shadow cosmetics are the most creative. Should eye makeup techniques and choosing eye shadow colors match the color of the eyes. Before applying eye shadow, concealer and a neutral skin tone matching lid is then applied eye shadow lighter shade applied to the entire region from lash line to brow line. This creates a base stain resistance.


Frosted eye shadow creates a younger look but do not have the application experience. Usually for the best appearance, which emphasizes the depth and creates in the eyes, apply lighter shade under the brow with the closure of the darker lashes while applying the darkest shade on the crease.


Commonly used blends of eye shadow, pink, gray mature women. Soft eyebrow pencil, and matching hair color and eyes, but highlights the use of pencil black eye brow should be avoided. Glamorizing the eyes of the promenade at night, and highlights applied flash.


When the eyes look great and growing eye lashes by mascara. When you use mascara, and should begin the application from the root of the eye lashes are then moved towards the tip to achieve better results. To look softer and more flattering, Brown mascara does the trick. Lips are another essential part of the face. Special attention is given to the lips while applying makeup. Initially be refined lips before applying lip color.


Apply the institution and are selected from the lips of the lips. For thick lips, instead of the lining of the lip and Qtip help in the application of lip color, while thinner lips look fuller with shades of light. Matte colors in soft peach, pink, berry, coral or make the lips look luscious.


Changes of procedure with makeup this season. During the rainy season, light makeup with just water proof mascara and the transfer of water-resistant lipstick basis of proof to avoid the risk of smudging makeup. During the winter, and women look more glamorous and polished from the shadows of its tones, such as coffee, chocolate and berries on the cheeks and shades for the eyes of smoke. Used for gloss and glitter in a lot during the winter festive.


Summer in the face of new Wendy possible by using the lighter touch of translucent powder and colors such as green gold eyes with a light shade of bronze on the cheekbones and chin to provide the effect of sun tan.